Monday, July 1, 2013

Coding Period:Week 2- June 23 2013 - June 30 2013

Week 2 of coding period ended on a sad note. There were quite a few things to be done but due to some reasons they had to be delayed. The prime reason for delay was the understanding of code. The code that I needed to implement took almost 4-5 days to understand it. Nothing much was achieved at the end of the week except the working of few functions that were very important for me in order to write the code.

Tim lend a hand and helped me to clear out my queries that I researched on (which took me 4-5 days).
At the end I had my queries resolved and had better understaning of code. Power failure in weekends further delayed my work.

Today had a brief hangout with my mentors about what I will be working with in the upcoming days. Few things like form submission, passing of data, selection of random questions are some important ones that I am gonna work with. I plan to finish off my pending work along with my work for this week.

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